LCBI Bison and Lady Bison Football

LCBI Bison and Lady Bison Football

The Bison football season for 2019 was a bit of a “re-building year” since 10 of the 14 players from the year before had graduated. So there were lots of new faces on the team and the coaches did a great job of bringing the players along. There were some struggles against the top-tier teams in the conference but the Bisons did win a game and completed the season with a 1-4 win-loss record. They were led by veterans like Paul Haugen (Regina) and Gavin Fleck (Lampman) who alternated playing QB and as well as on defense as was needed. A big thank you to the coaches: Michael Haugen, Owen Redlick, Matt Bowey, Morgan Millham and Ricki Lockhart for their support and encouragement during the year.

After being the Head Coach for 25 years (with Bryan Akre Co-Coaching for about 20 of those years), Phil Guebert stepped back to allow for a bit more free time in his schedule. Mr. Guebert continues to manage the team.


Back Row L-R: Coach Matt Bowey, Carter Wright, Ben Larocque, Connor Johnson, Braden Anderson, Trason Ridgewell, Leon Fung. Front Row L-R: Alexander Haugen, Aaron Tamlin, Paul Haugen, Gavin Fleck, Morgan Naumann, Coach Michael Haugen, Coach Morgan Millham. Missing: Phil Guebert (Manager) & Coach Owen Redlick.

Six-Man Football

Established in 1992, the LCBI Bisons Football Program maintains a strong position in Saskatchewan High School Athletics. Art Hundeby spearheaded the launch of the football program, guided by Coach Phil Guebert who was fresh off a 1990 Vanier Cup Championship with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. The Bisons play in the six-man* category in Saskatchewan’s high school football league.

* What is six-man football? Six-man football was established in the 1950s for schools in Saskatchewan with smaller enrollments. Until 2010, Saskatchewan was the only province to offer this brand of football. Currently, other provinces are seeing the advantages of the six-man game and starting their own programs and leagues. The six-man version is the “same football” as you see on TV, but with fewer players on a smaller field (i.e., 100 yards long X 40 yards wide). Offensive formations must have three players on the line of scrimmage. The middle player is ineligible to catch a pass. The formations are wide and varied, from a traditional “closed set formation” to a “spread formation.” The six-man style of game puts a premium on versatility and athleticism.

The Bisons Football Team garnered success early on, advancing to the Provincial Quarter Finals in only its second year of operation. Since the program’s inception, the Bisons have enjoyed many productive seasons, including winning the Provincial Championship in 1998 and 2001. The Bisons have advanced to the Provincial Semi Finals on six different occasions.

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