LCBI Board of Regents


For over 100 years, LCBI has been governed by a Board of Regents. Many dedicated men and women with a passion for God — and for this institution — have served on the Board.

We are thankful for their faithfulness

The constitution requires a Board of between five and thirteen members.

Members of the Board bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the school. If you feel you have gifts to serve in this capacity, please let the Board know as it works to find new members. There are also a number of committees that operate with the Board, such as recruitment, finance, and marketing. The Board would welcome talking to you if you have interests and skills in these areas.

The Board of Regents continually keeps the motto of “We would see Jesus” in mind as it makes decisions. It is often reminded of the words on the plow that was used to break ground for the school: “The aim of the college is to provide an education which shall include as a distinctive and important element, the development of Christian character.” The plow, with these words, is now preserved in the school’s courtyard.

If you have any questions, comments or inquiries about the Board of Regents please email Wayne Hove


Contact Group Name: LCBI Board of Regents


Bishop Susan Johnson

Cliff Adelman

Rev. Daryl Olson

Dr. Daniel Glaeske

Rev. Alex Parsons

Rev. Dr. Harley Johnson

Karen Meagher

Karena Berggren

Kathryn Scott

Kyle Halvorson

Murray Nelson

Rev. Reg Berg


Linda Grainger

Wayne Hove

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