Our Tradition of Academic Excellence

Students at LCBI are instructed by qualified teachers, and all of our teachers are members of, and responsible to, the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education. Our teachers are fully accredited to deliver their own final examinations, by the Ministry of Education, in the areas of ELA, Math, Chemistry and Biology. All courses offered at LCBI High School are completely transferable to other provinces and used for entrance into universities and colleges across Canada and beyond. Our graduates consistently earn academic scholarships and awards in the tens of thousands of dollars. Our graduates prepare for SATs in order to attend colleges in the USA. Several LCBI graduates have gained admission to prestigious universities across North America, including McGill, Queen’s, UBC, Harvard, University of San Francisco, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, among others.

LCBI Course Selection Guide


After acceptance to LCBI High School

Print and complete the below form

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LCBI High School
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Fax:   306.867.994


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