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The purpose of the LCBI Alumni Association is to promote, influence and support LCBI’s educational, cultural, social and spiritual life.

The Alumni Association’s members provide LCBI alumni with the means to serve the campus, its school and its students.

Each year, the Association organizes Homecoming at LCBI, a gathering place for anyone who attended the school, and an opportunity to celebrate the school and what it offers.

In an effort to support current LCBI students, the Association provide scholarships each year to acknowledge students who are excelling in their journey at LCBI, and who are continuing their educational journey.



If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the Alumni Association, please contact

Linda Langager (Class of ’62) – Chair
Luke Anderson (Class of ’08) – Director
Lori Giles (Class of ’78) – Director
Brody Hermanson (Class of ‘03) – Director
Cole Skrudland (Class of ’10) – Director


Daniel Bratvold (Class of ’16) – Sports
Heather Derdall (Class of ‘77) – Homecoming
Marilyn Gustafson (Class of ’81) – Local Homecoming Contact
Murray Nelson (Class of ’93) – Sports

Catch Up with LCBI

The event is free to attend, and everyone is welcome; we especially hope to see alumni and donors. President Hove will explain the school’s current mission and vision, celebrate its history, and share his thoughts about why LCBI is growing in spirit and attendance. It will be fun!

Do you have a group that would like to have us come to your community? Let President Hove or Joe Stolee know!

You may RSVP to an event here or by calling Joe Stolee at 403.478.9684.

Need to Update Your Alumni Info?

Keeping contact information for all of our alumni and friends current is an ongoing task. If you have changed your name, moved, changed your phone number, or gotten a new email address, please make sure that the office has your most up to date information.

Or Sign In Below to Change Your Info online

Alumni – Four Generations

Nolan Haugen (2018 grad) has become a fourth generation alumnus.

Picture of the four generations:

Nolan, Parents: Tim (89) & Patti (88) Haugen; Grandparents: Dan (65) and Bev (64) Haugen; & Great Grandpa: Harry Johnson (40).

Alumni and Friends Obituaries

Class of 1936

Alvin Bothner Class of 1936

Class of 1940
Class of 1941
Class of 1942
Class of 1945
Class of 1949
Class of 1961
Class of 1962

Walter Leppa

Gerald Ailsby attended LCBI for Grade 10 class of 1962

Sophie Olson

Class of 1963

Gordon Tomtene attended LCBI for Grade 11 class of 1963

Richard Schatz

Class of 1964
Class of 1968
Class of 1969
Class of 1970

James Hartman class of 1970 Grades 11 and partial 12

Edward Keys

Terry Neuls class of 1970 Grades 10 & 11

Class of 1972
Class of 1973

Gail Berstad-Tanner (Bohrson) attended LCBI for Grade 11 in 1973

Iris Karolat (Ganes)

Class of 1975

Barbara Flegel (Austring) attended LCBI for Grade 10 in 1975

Class of 1978

Daniel James Wahl class of 1978

Class of 1979
Class of 1980
Class of 1982
Class of 2002
Class of 2004
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