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October 18-20th, 2024 

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Join us on April 13th in Saskatoon at the Nutana Legion Hall for our 3rd Annual Spring Gala

For class years 2013 to 2023

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The Legacy of Homecoming

This annual weekend gathering has evolved through the years, but regardless of the changes, those who have spent time at this school have always treasured an opportunity to get together with former staff and lifelong friends.

Over 100 years ago, imagine a campus of students learning, eating, sleeping, doing laundry – and attending classes – all in one building! They filled Old Main from the basement to the top floor. In 1916, that was the only building on Campus. Close quarters helped to build close friendships! Thankfully, a Boys’ Dorm was soon added, but it was also the home for some staff families in those early years. The original dorm was replaced with the ‘new’ Boys’ Dorm in 1975. Because most students lived long distances apart, they really valued a time to get together.

Carolie (Kopperud) Haug asked her friend, Helen (Hagen) Salte, also a grad, if they could come up with an idea to get alumni from past years together on campus. Fortunately, Helen was on staff from 1948 to 1950, and had access to a typewriter. Helen remembers typing many, many letters! The two friends got busy sending invitations out to all who had graduated from the early years. Those invitations paid off. By the 50’s, former students began to meet for a Homecoming event in October, just after Thanksgiving – a most fitting time to give thanks to God for this School. At first, the invitation was to classes celebrating their 10, 25, 40 and 50 year grads. Now we are happy to gather everyone back for Homecoming on the weekend after Thanksgiving. We especially recognize the 5th year of each grad class.

Amazingly, we often have alumni attend from 70 and 75 years back! Many are still healthy and hearty! LCBI has remained an important meeting place with the name changes to reflect the courses and programs offered – from the “Outlook College”, to the “Saskatchewan Lutheran Bible Institute”, to the “Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute”, and now “LCBI High School”. Through it all, Old Main is still standing, and our school motto: “We Would See Jesus” still remains our foundation.

One Grad from 1923, wrote this comment 50 years after her time at the school: “I’m so thankful for the blessings I received at Outlook College, and for the happy years I spent there.” Many have shared that sentiment through the years. That’s why we always appreciate gathering at Homecoming!

The purpose of the LCBI Alumni Association is to promote, influence and support LCBI’s educational,
cultural, social and spiritual life. The Alumni Association’s members provide LCBI alumni with the means
to serve the campus, its school and its students

Each year, the Association organizes Homecoming at LCBI, a gathering place for anyone who attended
the school, and an opportunity to celebrate the school and what it offers. In an effort to support current
LCBI students, the Association provides scholarships each year to acknowledge students who are
excelling in their journey at LCBI, and who are continuing their educational journey

          Alumni Association Members

Linda Langager G62              Lori Giles G78
Alexa Ridgewell G19


Kathryn Scott G77   Heather Derdall G77    Katherine Meagher G19
Samantha Ridgewell A14      Kerry Lind G99    Marla Berg G77
AnneMarie McGowan G19    Karen Meagher G80
Catherine Rott G59     Ruth Jeannotte G70    Rileigh Reynoldson G21

Board Rep: Murray Nelson

LCBI Accountant: Victor Calvin

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