Faith & Life


Chapel is a very integral part of our daily life here at LCBI. Every morning we meet for 30 minutes to dive into the Word, and worship through music and prayer. We are very blessed to have the support of local pastors, staff, and students to help lead our chapels. To finish the week off our House Groups alternate leading chapels, directed by our Faith and Life Leaders. The varied speakers and leaders give us many opportunities to grow in our relationship with God. We are very fortunate to have this time to come together and grow in faith as a family.

Mission Experience Trips

The purpose of LCBI Mission Experience Trips is to allow students of LCBI to have meaningful experiences and live out their faith in a tangible way. Teams have participated in urban outreaches to people living in poverty and experiencing homelessness, packed food for the hungry at food banks, and cleaned up green spaces to beautify neighbourhoods. There has been participation in cultural exchange with local youth and residents, and work in local schools with students of various ages.

Mexico Mission Trip 2023

Over the February break our Mission Team of 10 students and 7 adults travelled to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico to serve at a ministry called Foundation for His Ministry.  It was an amazing week!  The drive was LONG but we saw many things along the way including beautiful mountains, many windy roads and way more snow than expected! It snowed in every state we travelled through, including Arizona and California!  But our drive was smooth and without issue.  While in mexico we were able to assist around the mission doing various projects such as weeding around the property, taking garbage to the dump, moving furniture, helping in the kitchen, renovating a house and helping out in the nursery.  We were able to spend time with the kids in the evenings playing in the gym, outside and playing games together.  We enjoyed spending time at Rancho de Cristo which is a men’s rehab facility where we played basketball and an intense game of jenga with the men!  We worked in a daycare one morning and led a chapel at a halfway house and at the mission. Our team invested lots of energy and worked very hard, willingly doing anything asked of them.  The motto for the group services at the mission is “You will never be the same” and that is very true.  This has been an amazing experience and we WILL never be the same!





Past LCBI Mission Experience Trip Locations;

  • 2023 – Mission trip to Vincente Guerrero, Mexico
  • 2020 – Mission trip to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico
  • 2019 – Mission trip to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico
  • 2018 – Mission trip to Victoria, BC
  • 2017 – Mission trip to Quito, Ecuador
  • 2016 – Downtown East Side Vancouver, BC – Partnered with YWAM (Youth With a Mission)
  • 2015 – Grenada, West Indies
  • 2014 – Ghana – Partnered with Me to We Free the Children
  • 2013 – Washington, D.C., USA
  • 2013 – Grenada, West Indies

Student Leadership Program

House Groups

LCBI’s Leadership Program is intended to provide students with team leadership opportunities. LCBI students are placed into one of four houses; Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. In each house there are six leadership teams.
This program provides an opportunity for our students to work in leadership teams within their respective house and as cross-house teams to assist the school in executing Campus Life programs. This is also an opportunity for the students to work directly with staff. The team roles are below:
The goal of this program is to develop our LCBI students that appreciate organization and leadership skills. Rather than staff organizing on behalf of students, students take an active role in the various student functions. Students will gain maturity and appreciation of their peers and the school. We see the students learning team skills, conflict resolution skills, tolerance, and servant attitudes. Learning to work within teams is kindred to the disciples of Jesus and provides critical experience for future work for both for-profit and non-profit organizations.





House Group Leaders


Once a month the school breaks into their LIFT groups. LIFT stands for Living In Family Together. Families consist of students from all grades and staff from various departments in the school. Bringing staff and students into a family who may not typically do activities together opens up opportunities for new relationships to build and friendships to be forged. It gives everyone a chance to check in with each other and offer support and encouragement. As a family we LIFT one another up. And it is just a chance to have fun! From playing board games, baking cookies, playing in the snow, watching movies or doing a service project, we learn and live as a family. At LCBI we are all family!






Take Out Tuesdays – Volunteering

LCBI provides students with experiences they would seldom find
in public or city schools.

  • LCBI is an ecumenical Christian school where students receive instruction in an environment supportive of their faith
  • Though students are closely supervised, they are given the freedom to develop the self-reliance necessary for a young person to make the successful transition from home to independence.
  • Students living so closely are able to develop healthy life long relationships.
  • Once a month, the students and staff are split into groups and go into the community to volunteer and give back. Some of the activities include bowling with Variety Place residents, shoveling snow and raking leaves, singing in long term care homes, and spending time with the kids at Playschool and the Elementary School. 

“I cannot even begin tell you how lucky I am to work at such an incredible school with the most amazing group of kids. I am so incredibly proud of every single one of them for how hard they all worked and how much they simply showed love to others.”

Kristie Sincennes

LCBI offers students a campus experience where they can make constructive use of their time inside and outside of class. The gymnasium is always open. Students are encouraged to take part in pick-up games of basketball and volleyball. Sometimes staff and students book the local rink to play hockey. Student musicians can be found playing music with one another in the chapel. There are several walking trails on campus where students can stroll by the river in summer or cross country ski during winter.

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