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LCBI  vision

The Campus Life Curriculum seeks to promote understanding across different Christian, cultural, linguistic, and national backgrounds.


LCBI Mission

The Campus Life Department’s mission is to promote and provide support for dorm and day-students’ spiritual, social, cultural and personal growth within a safe and caring campus community.

Central to this mission is the development of mutual understanding, respect and responsibility in a supportive living and learning community.

LCBI Curriculum

The Campus Life Curriculum supports ten areas of learning:

  1. Christian Understanding​
  2. Character, Values and Ethics
  3. Intercultural Understanding
  4. Creativity in Various Arts
  5. Health and Wellness
  6. Outdoor Education
  7. Environmental Stewardship
  8. Communication and Life Skills
  9. Community Service
  10. Leadership

LCBI  Campus Life Activities

Our Campus Life departments work hard to make sure that our student community is engaged, supportive, respectful and a whole lot of fun!

Activities are planned every weekend for students enjoy. We have events such as canoe trips and hikes, games nights and movies, scavenger hunts, baking and crafts.

We take road trips to youth conferences and concerts, for shopping and to explore new places.

There is always something to do!

A Day In the Life of an LCBI Student



  • Separate residences for men and women.
  • Single rooms and double rooms available.
  • Shared washrooms and showers on each floor and laundry facilities available in each building.
  • Rooms are furnished with single beds, desks, dressers and storage space.
  • Students must provide their own bedding, towels and personal items.
  • Campus Life staff are on duty at all times.
  • Dorm students meet together each evening for devotions, they all assist in keeping the building clean and enjoy a close knit community with the student they live with.


The LCBI Cafeteria offers three meals a day for our dorm students. And our local students can choose to be a part of the lunch program. Hot meals are served at breakfast, lunch and dinner with a main course and a variety of options to accommodate personal preferences. Serving tasty, nutritional food is our priority as we support the health and wellness of each student.



The Campus Life Curriculum seeks to promote understanding across different Christian, cultural, linguistic, and national backgrounds.



Chapel is a very integral part of our daily life here at LCBI. Every morning we meet for 30 minutes to dive into the Word, and worship through music and prayer. We are very blessed to have the support oflocal pastors, staff, and students to help lead our chapels. To finish the week off our House Groups alternate leading chapels, directed by our Faith and Life Leaders. The varied speakers and leaders give us many opportunities to grow in our relationship with God. We are very fortunate to have this time to come together and grow in faith as a family.


LCBI provides athletes with a competitive environment that values teamwork, sportsmanship and using our God-given talents to bring glory to Him.



Curtis Akre
Boys Dorm Staff

Brian Balatan
Boys Dorm Staff

            Stephanie White
             Girls Dorm Staff

Olivia Wight
Girls Dorm Staff

LCBI Concert & Chamber Choirs

LCBI Hand Bell Choir

An exciting addition to our well known music department is a hand bell choir. Learning to make music as a team in a new way is challenging yet very rewarding! The LCBI Hand Bell Choir prepares beautiful pieces to be shared at chapel, during concerts and to accompany the LCBI Concert Choir. This is a fun opportunity to learn to do something new with your peers that is enjoyed and admired by all.

LCBI Robotics Club

LCBI’s Robotics Club is a competitive robotics team through FIRST, an organization that encourages the development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills in a fun and challenging way.

FIRST Tech Challenge team members learn to think like engineers. Our teams design, build, and code robots to compete against other teams in regional, national and international tournaments.

And it’s way more than building robots. Our FIRST Tech Challenge teams are guided by adult coaches and mentors. Our students develop STEM skills and practice engineering principles, while realizing the value of hard work, innovation, and working as a team. They develop marketing skills, prepare business presentations and give back to their community. You’ve got to check out LCBI’s Robotics Club!

LCBI Drama – Where Talent Meets Opportunity

The Drama program at LCBI exists to provide students with an opportunity to explore the stage performing arts. LCBI’s extra-curricular drama program focuses on musical theatre, modern drama, and drama for worship. Annually, two productions are presented: our winter House Plays where everyone in the school is encouraged to participate, and our Spring Musical where stage roles are awarded by audition. Students can also get involved in the technical aspects of theatre through set design and building, sound and lighting engineering, and costuming. In addition, students are given opportunities to perform at daily chapels and participate in curricular drama classes.

At LCBI, we have performed a wide variety of shows; everything from comedic to dramatic, classical to contemporary. Many of our students also attend theatre conferences and camps and compete in various competitions. This gives our students another opportunity to learn from industry professionals and gain valuable feedback on their performances.

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