LCBI Choir 2022

A Double Blessing – Click above picture to enjoy our Choir

One of LCBI’s largest choirs experienced a double blessing when on tour the latter part of last week and weekend.

Instead of billeting during this last part of the COVID pandemic, we decided to sing in various places within driving distance of a Lutheran camp. We chose Camp Kuriakos and then sang in Ponoka, Rocky Mountain House, Red Deer and at the camp itself.

There was a variety of music, traditional Christian classics and pop songs. The concerts featured the main choir, chamber choir, hand bell choir and a jazz band. The concert goers were moved from tears to tapping feet and standing for ovations. We all stood for the encore clapping hands (even the Norwegians) to the sound of “Fill Up My Cup”.

The double blessing … for many congregations our concert was the first time they had gathered outside of restricted services. The LCBI tour became the reason and blessing for congregations to once again gather for food, laughter and praise. Not only were we all blessed through song but being greeted and fed became a blessing for the congregation as they rekindled friendships. A special thanks to Good Shepherd (Red Deer) for the live stream.

A number of adults travelled along including Choir Director (Graham), Admissions Officer (Todd), Campus Dean (Kari), Grandmother (Joan), Aunt (Rosemary) Chef (Julianna) and President (Wayne). Todd Johnson and Kari Alford took leading roles in managing students, camp duties, itinerary and everything in between.

I believe there was a miracle during those travels between concerts and home again. Students played various decades of music on the vehicle’s Bluetooth link. As we were singing along together, I am sure the President’s gray hair was once again the colour of an LCBI student.

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