LCBI Drama

LCBI Drama – Where Talent Meets Opportunity

The Drama program at LCBI exists to provide students with an opportunity to explore the stage performing arts. LCBI’s extra-curricular drama program focuses on musical theatre, modern drama, and drama for worship. Annually, two productions are presented: our winter House Plays where everyone in the school is encouraged to participate, and our Spring Musical where stage roles are awarded by audition. Students can also get involved in the technical aspects of theatre through set design and building, sound and lighting engineering, and costuming. In addition, students are given opportunities to perform at daily chapels and participate in curricular drama classes.

At LCBI, we have performed a wide variety of shows; everything from comedic to dramatic, classical to contemporary. Many of our students also attend theatre conferences and camps and compete in various competitions. This gives our students another opportunity to learn from industry professionals and gain valuable feedback on their performances.

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