LCBI High School Spend-A-Days and Open House

Spend-A-Days are where new and potential students can come on campus and see what life at LCBI High School is all about. Tour the school. Meet our awesome students and staff. Attend chapel and classes. Most importantly, experience the fun!

Open House is similar to a Spend-A-Day but add 10x the fun! You’ll get to experience what campus life is like by spending the night in our dorms. Even if you are planning on attending LCBI as a day student, we encourage you to stay overnight so you can get to know your future classmates and see what makes LCBI different from other schools; the family community.

Unable to attend a Spend-A-Day or Open House?

Send us an email and we would be glad to host you on campus for a tour!

Contact  if you have any questions.

Spend-A-Day and Open House Registration 2022 (

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